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Season 3

Episode 10: “We‘re returning you back to humanity.”: a conversation with Sarah Elkins and Ben Burnes

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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Sarah Elkins Ben Burnes Lionel Cassin and Jim Infantino in their zoomlike windows

Jim invites Lionel, Sarah Elkins, and Ben Burnes to tear into his novels The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide series, to his own horror and delight. Lionel, Sarah, and Ben share their reactions to Jim’s novels with honesty and candor. What transpires is a lively discussion about not only the books, but thoughts on meritocracy, villains and heroes, self-deception and forgetting, names and identity, ideas for a cookbook, Wakeful Wanderer fan-fiction, related books and tv shows, and the nature of flawed Utopias in speculative fiction.

book cover of the Wakeful Wanderers Guide to New New England  Beyond by Jim Infantino
book cover of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide to Disillusionment by Jim Infantino

Jim’s Books: