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Season 4

Episode 25: The Unforgettable Logan Foster: A conversation with author Shawn Peters

Monday, February 5, 2024

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Jim Infantino Shawn Peters Lionel Cassin during the recording of Season 4 Episode 25

Shawn Peters joins us to talk about his adventures in the publishing world and his two books out on Harper Collins The Unforgettable Logan Foster and The Unforgettable Logan Foster and The Shadow of Doubt. We talk about his writing origins, the creation of these two books and plans for future novels.

The Unforgettable Logan Foster is a middle grade superhero story that deals with neurodivergence, autism, foster parenting, and the trials and tribulations associated with defeating a supercharged tectonic-powered villian creating havoc in downtown LA. Shawn shares a lot about his past history writing screenplays and his descision to start writing stories for kids. We hear about Shawn’s quest for an agent and the process of getting published, along with the extended timelines involving editing and promotion. Jim shares comparisons between the Logan Foster stories and DC/Marvel comic book dramas and Lionel draws a parallel between Shawn’s book and other books about autism such as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.

Shawn talks about traveling to schools and the joys of reading his books to middle grade students and the excitement of being part of their early literary lives. We venture off to the excitement of creation and sharing that creation with others. We get some other inside stories about how the stories were created and Shawn shares another author he is excited about: Ernesto Cisneros and his book: Efrén Divided.

Follow Shawn’s future writing and find out more about his two published books at