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Season 3

Episode 25: “Low frequency treatments”: a conversation with Lionel & Jim

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Lionel and Jim

Lionel and Jim talk about the release of Utopia Revisited by Jim, which is the album he recorded in Iceland. Jim has created a video out of stock clips. We talk about the possibility of doing a podcast from the road as Lionel drives north. Then we get Lionel’s take on Foundation on Apple TV as well as Silo, comparing both to The Expanse, which still remains a favorite. We discuss the Netflix show Reality as well, now that Jim has seen it. Now that Lionel has seen The Flash, we get into his impressions of that movie. We get into unsatisfying endings to what might be decent shows. We talk about Vermont and Jim's recent trip there. Finally, we get into books and talk about Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover, and Street of Crocodiles.